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Frequently Asked Questions

Product - blackhead remover

Blackheads are a common form of blemish that typically appear on the oilier t-zone area of the forehead, nose and chin, but can also occur on the chest and back. Specifically, they are open comedones – small bumps that appear when a pore is blocked with sebum (oil) and/or dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. 

These blockages occur when the cells that line the pore accumulate rather than turnover and shed away. When the skin’s natural oil combines with the skin cells inside this pore, it creates a ‘plug’. Factors that contributes to blackheads include oily skin, sluggish cell turnover, and environmental factors such as cosmeticspollution and humidity. 

A blackhead vacuum is a small vacuum that’s positioned over a blackhead. Its mild suction extracts the oil and dead skin out of the pore.

According to the University of Utah, pore vacuums can help with blackheads that have been loosened.

Exfoliation and pore penetration to loosen up pores and help the vacuum work could include:

  • steam
  • glycolic acid
  • salicylic acid 

The use of the proper amount of suction for your particular skin is of critical importance. Bruising can result from too much suction.

Too much suction can also result in telangiectasias. Telangiectasias, also known as spider veins, is characterized by small, broken, or dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin.


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